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And we love what we do

We help streamline and expedite your recruiting process by providing only those candidates who are the most qualified for your critical staffing needs. Your needs come first. 20 years of professional staffing experience isn't easy to come by. An in depth understanding of the information technology industry enables us to identify people who will meet your needs. Whether you seek a full time employee or a consultant, we’ll supply you an individual with the right expertise.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius

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Modern technology

Modern companies require modern technology. We have the latest.

Fresh ideas

New ways to look at the partnerships we create.

We Give Back

By investing in conscientious projects and companies.

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what is the new paradigm?

We seek to transcend the traditional business model. Our company gives a percentage of profits to benefit culturally aware projects and supports conscientious organizations. Connecting people is not just a matter of completing projects and generating income, but a way to improve the lives of every one involved. The goal of our company is to promote and grow environments that support this ideal, and help others with a similar mind set.

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